Lịch sử phát triển mã nguồn mở Nukeviet

Thứ ba - 21/06/2022 22:54
Lịch sử phát triển mã nguồn mở Nukeviet từ phiên bản NUKEVIET 3.0
Lịch sử phát triển mã nguồn mở Nukeviet
- Module news: add the function to record the article status history
- Module news: add article history feature
- Fix redirects in banners module
- RSS-Feed: Show atom:link only when it is defined
- Fix the error of displaying the statistics chart of the module banners
- Fix search error in module news (#3452)
- Fix login error via facebook, google (#3445)
- Module news: add search by time in admin
- Module users: add search user by group in admin (#2857)
- Added warning of unencrypted data when the site is not using SSL
- Compatible with php 8.1
- Module news: Fix the option to display the homepage on mobile
- Fix XSS bug (CVE-2022-30874). Thanks abstrabakus at WhiteHub#2968
- Fix Error cannot create firewall account (#3403)
- Add coccoc bot for class BotManager
- Redefine host, port, client-side protocol if forwarded
- Fix image upload error (#3386)
- Add API authentication method: none
- Update permissions to use Zalo module

- Add some security emails (#3016)
- Add "Development mode" option when installing (#2939)
- Add Zalo login, two-step authentication with Zalo
- System package addition: tecnickcom/tc-lib-barcode (v1.17.6)
- System package updates: polyfill-mbstring (v1.23.0 => v1.18.1, for PHP ^5.6 support), phpmailer/phpmailer (v6.5.0 => v6.5.1)
- System package removal: symfony/options-resolver, endroid/qrcode
- System: Centralized Captcha Management #3348
- All modules: Fix $page_url definition
- System: Fix error in getCanonicalUrl function

- Configure variable "page_title" relative to func_site_title
- Update Browser class to v1.9.6
- Update Chart.js to v3.3.2, jquery.js to v3.6, jQuery Validation Plugin to v1.19.3, clipboard.js to v2.0.8, Select2.js to v.4.1.0-rc.0, jquery.timeago.js to version 1.6.7, CKeditor to v4.16.1
- System package updates: polyfill-mbstring (v1.3.0 => v1.23.0), gregwar/cache (v1.0.12 => v1.0.13), gregwar/image (v2.0.21 => v2.0.28), and/oauth (dev-master 48fa6e7 => dev-master 700b769), symfony/options-resolver (v3.2.6 => v3.4.47), endroid/qrcode (1.9.1 => 1.9.3), phpmailer/phpmailer (v6.1.6 => v6.5.0)
- System: Removed non-standard property "zoom" in CSS
- System: Disable email engines from automatically hyperlinking a URL
- Module News: Redesigned "Recommend article to your friend" tool
- Module Users: Fix error "Email Hyperlink Injection". Thanks mcsoon at WhiteHub#1610
- System: Hide file composer.json
- System: Fix potential Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Errors
- Module News: Add module-level on/off button for article rating function
- System: Block Google FLoC
- System: Add SameSite attribute to cookie
- System: Add Link header (preload)
- System: Add link-tag settings
- System: Add Referrer-Policy
- System: Add rel=noreferrer to external links
- System: Add default image configuration for Open Graph tags
- System: Add Content-Security-Policy
- Module Upload: Add image mode for mobile
- System: Interface, Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance
- System: Added ability to add DKIM to sendmail
- System: Added ability to add S/MIME certificates to sendmail
- System: Change method of displaying website suspension notice (#3092)
- System: Add a pop-up informing about the use of cookies when the user first visits the website
- Module Users: Fix error checking password when configuring 2-step authentication for accounts without password
- System: Support for php 8, add functions str_contains, str_starts_with, str_ends_with
- System: Move captcha management to each function
- Module Banners: Fix error of reinstalling the Banners module (#3015)
- Module Users: Improve group registration and management
- System: Change the management of social buttons, add Zalo share button (#2806)
- Modules Seek, News: Optimize search for Vietnamese keywords without diacritics in MySQL (#1727)
- Modules Seek, News: Optimized BoldKeywordInStr function (#2826 #2760)
- Module News: Add author management (#3078 #2951 #1880 #416)
- System: Determine the user's country by $_SERVER['HTTP_CF_IPCOUNTRY']
- System: Add response header "Retry-After" when site is closed (#3092)
- System: Add files with webp extension to the list of allowed images (#3089)
- Module Users: Fix messy display of custom fields (#3080)
- Module News: Add mode: "Home page plan in Mobile theme"
- System: Integrate Google Analytics 4 (#2981)
- System: Add configuration: "Host of static files" (NV_STATIC_URL) (#3072)
- System: Integrate reCaptcha v3 (#2974)
- Module News: Add pagination to tag management area
- Module News: Fix rating not working in theme mobile_default
- Module Users: Fix login with Oauth when integrating SSO
- System:  Move pagination design to site interface area
- System: Redefine canonical URLs, Manage page numbering, Add link rel="next", link rel="prev" at pagination locations (#3064)
- System: Cross-Site, add a configuration to allow post request with null origin
- System: Add API manager
- Module News: Fix bug in search function
- Module Seek: Change Google Custom Search Engine to Programmable Search Engine
- System: Remove compression for caches
- System: Show post images while viewing rss-feeds
- Module comment: Correct the data reload section
- System: fix isRobot function in Class Roboot
- Module Users: Fix bug where custom fields are not displayed
- Module Voting: Add a feature that allows each user to vote only once (#3193)
- Module Menu: Add logging for Menu module
- Module Contact: Add the function to mark incoming emails as processed (#3040)
- All modules: Block indexing of robots in some areas, regardless of site configuration (ACP, users, banners (click func), comment, freecontent, menu, statistics, two-step-verification)
- Module Users: Fix security bugs for group management
- Module Users: Don't check max width, max height of avatar
- MOdule Users: Add the configuration to automatically assign Oauth to an existing account
- Module Users: Fix login facebook (#3013)
- System: Fix XML encoding (#3006)
- Module Users: Fix error when retrieving activation link (#2989)
- All modules: Fix error of not censoring page numbers (#2990,#2998)
- Module Seotools: Hide Seotools module for non-GOD-admins (#2994)
- Module News: Accept quick view for attached image and pdf files only (#2995)
- Module Users: Fix logging error when users login with OpenID (x#2996)
- System: Fix error in nv_is_url function (#2979)
- System: Add plugin area-5 - before run the module (only user area)
- System: Fix error of not recognizing the Edge browser
- Module Users: Update Users module with SSO integration
- Module Menu: Allows adding menu with same name, with empty links
- System: Request class, Allow request with NULL Origin


- Fix drag block (#2964)
- Module contact: fix send mail
- Fixe bug with some proxy systems and load balancers (#2966)


- Jquery Validate 1.19.2
- PHPMailer v6.1.6
- Fix class PclZip on php 7.1
- Fix rewrite check on PHP CGI (#2955)
- Fix bug XSS (thanks Trung Thanh Le from baomatcoban.info)
- Optimize anti-CSRF function
- Update SendMail class
- Function nv_sendmail: add parameters cc and bcc
- Module users: add config view members list for admin
- Jquery 3.5.1 (#2950)


- Ckeditor 4.14.0, PHPMailer 6.1.5, Jquery 3.5.0, Select2 4.0.13, clipboard js 2.0.6
- Fix delete author (#2944)
- Add option of not sending email at the function of sending email configuration
- Module users: General operator customized data
- Module contact: fix insert multiple email
- Support IPv6 in the configuration function to access the admin area (#2899)
- Support IPv6 in the functions: Ban IP, Flood Blocker (#2899)
- Module banner, site logo: Stop supporting Flash files
- Module comment: ctrl + enter to post reply (#2648)
- Improve user group management function (#2931)
- User login: Only show logo at login popup (#2663)
- Fix user register theme (#2756)
- Fix rewrite module news (#2919)
- Fix the website title in the module page (#2928)
- Add some security alert emails: Two-factor authentication change, re-creat backup code, change user email
- Add notification when email failed (#2905)
- Change email configuration
- Fix nv_html_meta_tags (#2915)
- Add config: Upload file exceeds size limit
- Fix function nv_blocks_content (#2890)
- Module page: Fix copy article (#2888)
- Expand field to support IPv6 (#2889, #2899)
- Fix comment on mobile theme, change link load comment (#2908, #2891)
- Upload: Change external link checking type (#2921)
- Module news: Add notes for public post operations (#2924)
- Change Timezone Asia/Saigon > Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh
- Manage two-step verification of admin accounts
- Use google and facebook accounts to verify 2-step in admin
- Notification function: Support programming to send notifications to each group and each recipient (#2879)
- Remove Review-aggregate module news (#2886), add CreativeWorkSeries AggregateRating for module news
- Change Breadcrumb from vocabulary to schema.org


- Support php 7.4
- Ckeditor v4.13.1, PHPMailer v6.1.4, Select2 v4.0.12, Chart.js v2.9.3
- Fix delete item in module page #2851
- Save changes when editing admin information
- Allowed users to switch site theme
- Fix bug addtotopics module news from #1517 WhiteHub (thanks for @unfairattaccs Ha Anh Hoang from Viettel)
- Supported unicode email address (fix #2863)
- Update jquery Validate v1.19.1 (fix #2877)
- Fix check admin main module #2842
- Module users: Save last edit time
- Fix generate page tag #2866
- Turn of sitemap module page by default
- Add robot meta tag management function
- Add get_absint function for class Request
- Fix block language theme mobile
- Add logo JSON-LD code for theme default, mobile_default
- Add structured-data for module news, page
- Module user: function user_add: add param showheader, set initdata, add url_back
- Fix view and download pdf module news


- Update Ckeditor 4.12.1, Select2 4.0.10
- Fix module users on MySQL 8.0.17
- Module banners: Fix on mysql cluster
- Fix check admin main module
- Change module view permissions
- Fix function nv_site_mods
- Manager blocks: Only show deactive module when debug mode on
- Change logging when admin logout
- Fix user custom fields
- Fix class Database
- Module news: show new news icon in block module.block_news.php
- Module users: Save registration time and time approved to group
- Fix delete module users
- Fix Oauth Google
- Error class: Trade error files
- Fix function nv_check_domain
- Fix plugin/mysql_master_slave.php
- Block bot index on comment link
- Fix show function if module active for config block
- Fix sitemap index not displayed
- Add configuration for turn on/off refer checker utility


- Add SMTP configuration check function
- Support upload SVG files
- Chart.js v2.8.0
- Select2 v4.0.7
- Jquery v3.4.1
- Ckeditor v4.11.4
- Display the child sitemap at the "sitemapindex"
- Add the function to debug SQL statements
- Add an optional configuration to insert a logo with each post
- Use ReCaptcha to confirm if Flood blocked
- Block external requests into the admin area
- Support CORS setting
- Change timestamp to UNIX timestamp
- Module news: Support redirect to new article url when changing categories
- Module banners: Add display type "Random One"
- Fix bug comment XSS. Thanks dalatsubnet at WhiteHub#640
- Remove Google MAP API and fix block global.company_info.php
- Module users: Save the information of the object that has activated user account. Add the function to resend the account activation email.
- Fix the issue of adding news with very long keywords
- Fix add, detete admin
- Fix user add, user edit in admin.
- Fix send mail
- User lostactivelink: Skip step two if security question and answer not required
- Module contact: Automatically detects links of other information

- Add repeat type configuration of cronjobs
- Fix user registration error on mobile theme
- Chart.js v2.7.3
- Clipboard v2.0.4
- PHPMailer v6.0.7
- Module voting: Fix error showing the results of the poll does not activate
- Fix captcha not show
- Remove googleplus
- CKEditor 4.11.3
- Add Support PHP 7.3
- Module users: Add user edit censor, allowed to select a field to sort at the user custom fields, fix custom field with editor, fix group counter errors when deleting user
- Remove googleplus


- Fix admin can not login
- Add user register callback
- Sitemap: Can split module sitemap
- Remove gregwar/captcha
- Fixed RSS image height
- Fix upload file from ckeditor
- Fix function nv_redirect_location
- Fix upload and auto resize image
- Fix security bug (CVE-2019-7725, CVE-2019-7726). Thanks hungnguyenmz and Zepto Team


- Fix tag contains special characters
- Clipboard.js v2.0.1
- gregwar/captcha v1.1.6
- Module banners: allows to enter links freely
- Module news: fixed bug when attaching file
- Module comment: fix quote comment when post name is empty
- Fix save file ini
- Fix search system logs
- Fix check server support rewrite
- Turn off error messages when debug mode off
- Module users: Fix update group statistics when delete user, fix user custom field, fix user safe mode

- Fix save google analytics id
- Update gregwar/captcha v1.1.5, PHPMailer v6.0.5, ClipboardJS v2.0.0, Chart.js v2.7.2, Plupload 3.1.2, Ckeditor 4.9.2
- Fix delete site logs
- Fix set up with sample data
- Module banners: Added search features in Admin
- Module statistic: Added statistical deletion function
- Browse to file location from ckeditor
- Module contact: Config who allowed to sendcopy
- Remove Facebook SDK
- Module voting: Allowed to view result in admin
- Config static extensions for ignore check update
- Fix search extension
- Module language: Edit multi-language activation notification
- Add config for debug mode
- Config theme for admin
- Fix anti iframe
- Added features to manage the ip exclusion for anti-flood
- Change the security settings interface
- Module users: Fix user active, save email verification time
- Module comment: Fix delete comment
- Module news: Fix meta og:image, fix error add news with error data input, hide social sharing buttons when administrators view unpublished articles
- Update menu lang interface for theme admin
- Module upload: Fix resize and crop image, browse to the previously selected file
- Allow preview theme


- Fix install if db password has special character
- Fix meta tag og:url and canonical on homepage
- Module news: Config keyword for article
- Module language: Allowed to manage lang interface
- Update config for file robots.txt
- Module banner: Fix delete banner.
- Module freecontent: Free field link
- Module users: Fix edit group, add notification when new account wating for active, group description is not required
- Fix PDF.js
- Fix check theme mobile
- Update theme configuration
- Extensions: Fix auto invalid theme version
- Change the extension package upload error message
- Fixed menu changes when editing admin
- Fix function nv_user_groups
- Fix qrcodeLoad theme mobile_default
- Limited PHP version to install
- Theme config: Update google fonts
- Fix bug HTTP class: access to a source that has a redirect
- Update theme block headline
- PHPMailer v6.0.3
- Jquery v3.3.1
- Ckeditor v4.8.0


- Module Upload: Add file path copy function, config chunk upload
- Module users: Allowed to delete and change status multiple account, fix block login, update Openid icon, fix sort groups, fix delete group
- Fix cache config theme
- Fix check rewrite
- Fix class Files cache: Delete all cache
- Plugin: add "After run the module" position
- Update class NukeViet\Core\Error
- Module contact: Update email send
- Fix function nv_check_domain
- Remove aes_encrypt, aes_decrypt in class Encryption
- Module page: Config alias auto lower string
- Module comment: Allow attachments to comments, Allowed to use the editor
- Module news: Allow deactive category, allow search for locked posts, Allows attaching files to posts
- Config module display on admin index for authors
- Config SSL for SMTP
- Update Ckeditor 4.7.3, PDF.js v1.9.426, PHPMailer v6.0.1, Select2 4.0.5
- Module banners: Fix error delete banner
- Function nv_is_url: Accept the sign "+" in the URL
- Change theme manager block


- Module news: Config layout for detail
- Module users: Fix user register
- Fix Breadcrumbs for PHP 7

- Add feature: Export and install sample data.
- News: Added sorting feature.
- Upload: Resize and crop top photos by size
- Page: add no-dipsplay view type
- Fix some other bugs

- Module banners: Change upload dir, editor dir; move clients to users, banner plans: add config for group users, upload types, expiration date
- Cache for load config theme
- Check system support json, xml during operation
- Fix lang for class Upload
- Fix style of blockquote in ckeditor for Vietnamese
- Module upload: Fix recreatthumb
- Module users: Fix bug save registration information when validating by email
- Add link to document page in admin

NUKEVIET 4.2.00 (Beta)
- Fix code as recommended by codacy: https://www.codacy.com/app/nukeviet/nukeviet/dashboard
- CKEditor 4.7.1
- Update Error Document
- Fix error when turn off rewrite
- Module news: Fix undefined index external_link. Fix weight topics. Fix rssdata
- Module users: Config show, hide, required for system fields. Add config age limit. Add config require 2 step for group users
- Module banner: change link click
- Add notification when installing the beta versions
- Fix error logs
- Save update/upgrade logs to db
- Add feature: Turn on / turn off sitemap for module
- Fix class Blocker
- Fix class Optimizer
- Fix check IP when using proxy
- Add "link rel=preload as=script" for all js files
- Update Header file for js|css|xml|ttf
- Theme: fix config blocks_func
- Add function nv_htmlOutput

NUKEVIET 4.1.02 Final Releases Apr 23, 2017
- Jquery 3.2.1
- Module News: Add feature copy article
- Module Page: Add feature copy article
- Fix creat alias module news
- Language: Add go back link for read, write lang
- Fix auto resize image (fix bug of plupload 2.3.1)
- Module News: Fix image Facebook Instant Articles
- Fix error link from function nv_alias_page

NUKEVIET 4.1.01 Beta 2 Releases Apr 9, 2017
- Jquery 3.2.0, Plupload 2.3.1
- Update CKEditor 4.6: Add feature: Copy Formatting, Drag&drop Image, Drag&drop File
- Add function nv_jsonOutput
- Change encrypt data use Openssl
- Change rewrite rule
- SPADMIN can access module seotools
- Module Upload: Crop image and save original image
- Mail filter: Allow uppercase
- Module users: Admin can manage OpenID, Oauth, 2-Step of user.
- Update Browser class: Support all Blackberry devices
- Module voting: Add fields address, bannerhtml, require_image
- Module users: Add option to send user's info to mail when admin add user
- Module News: Controlling multiple people edit post
- Add Elasticseach for module News
- Theme mobile: Fix send contact
- Module news: Support Facebook Instant Articles
- Update theme copy blocks
- Replace watermarker and Jcrop with cropper
- Module users: Fix Oauth with redirect
- Fix checkupdate for system and extensions
- Fix create virtual module
- Fix function nv_is_url, check_domain
- Fix Assign variable syntax error
- Module news: Update block news cat
- Module news: config external link
- Module menu: add image field
- Fix googleAnalytics
- Fix IIS rewrite
- Module news: Fix setup step 5, Field 'description' doesn't have a default value
- theme: fixes interface Set default configuration
- Module users: fix list customization data, active users
- Fix class GoogleAuthenticator

NUKEVIET 4.1.00 Beta 1
- Change system rewrite rule (Optimize for NginX)
- Update system notification
- Support redis cache and session_handler
- Update error_handler class: Log fatal error for development
- Fix mobile theme on iOS
- Fix Omtimize Class for ADS
- Add block login feature
- Add two-step-verification feature for Admin area and site area
- Add sorting language feature
- Module Database: Optimize for Large database
- Module News: Update topic content, Fix edit groups
- Module Users: Update block login, add link view userdetail, link edit user, link delete user for admin, fix user_waiting, support Oauth login redirect
- Module Comment: Add config timeout and comment perpage
- Module Upload: Fix UI dialog position
- Module Voting: Add config for active captcha
- Module Upload: Fix for Microsoft Edge
- Module Freecontent: Suport virtual module
- Theme default: Fix google map on block company_info

NUKEVIET 4.0.29 Final Releases May 19, 2016
- Requires PHP 5.5 or later
- PHPMailer v6.0
- Endroid/qrcode v1.6.5
- CKEditor v4.5.9
- Config allow theme type
- Update theme default
- Update theme admin default
- Update Memcache class
- Update Request class
- Update DB class
- Module upload: fix download image
- Fix update, upgrade system and extentions
- Fix check update, auto update
- Module users:
    Add feature for group's leader (creat user, delete user, accept user, delete user, change password),
    Update theme redirect login,
    Update facebook login
    Change rule for view list users
    Remove Admin Relogin
- Module extensions: Fix download file
- Add more options for module's theme mobile
- Support statisics for CocCoc browser
- Module news: Optimize database, fix sample data

- Fix set tollower meta-tag name
- Update javascript to lastest version: lazyload 1.9.7, Jcop 2.0.4, Select2 4.0.2, jquery-treeview v1.4.2, jquery.imgpreload 1.6.2, jquery.flash v1.3.3, jquery.flash v1.3.3, jquery-ui v1.12.0, jQuery v2.2.3
- update CKEditor 4.5.8
- Module Seotools: Remove site Diagnostic
- Module Users: Allow virtual, fix user custom fields, fix block login, fix users login, fix search user waiting
- Module Upload: Fix error on quickly refresh dir, fix error on refresh large dir
- Module News: Fix check image exists, fix change alias op content, fix function and cat, add block by category
- Module Contact: Delete link in contact mail containing admin path
- Update theme mobile_nukeviet
- Fix comment on mobile theme
- Fix function nv_xmlOutput
- Fix class Memcacheds
- Fix dump database
- Fix plugin rewrite_obsolute
- Fix backup MySQL Engine InnoDB
- Update Font Awesome Version 4.6.1
- Fix function nv_clean60
- Theme default: fix block company_info

- update class Punycode
- update class phpmailer
- Module Users: add Group new users
- Module users: add function groups manage for leader
- Theme mobile: file layout not exit
- nv_info_die function: send http status code
- Module authors: remove module siteinfo in grant system
- Module news: update block newscenter, fix edit content
- update sample data
- Fix module Extensions
- Module page: add image position config, add og:image
- Update ckeditor 4.5.7, fix when editor maximize
- Blocks: fix variables $blockID
- Database: fix setting backup database

- Add management: leaders, avatar, color, default for groups
- Contact: update show department
- Add simple mode for generate pages
- Fix check extension version
- Fix and update something...

- Update Data demo
- Update jQuery v2.2.0
- Update jQuery Validation Plugin - v1.14.0
- Optimizer class XTemplate for NukeViet
- Update utf8 lookup: fix check email
- Block: drag and drop blocks
- Fix setup module
- Update code getCountry
- news: fix article url when change alias
- Fix utf8mb4 for vertrigo v2.38

NUKEVIET 4.0.24 (Open beta 10)
- Add Composer, Move class to vendor dir
- http://www.php-fig.org/psr/ standard code formats
- Support Memcached, mysql master slave
- Update Data demo
- Module users: update login email, search users, update generate password, fix rules register, get profile picture automatic, auto login after register
- Module contact: support virtual module, update list admin
- Module news: fix content no public, fix print post
- Module menu: add reload menu function, fix error add menu, fix check link in module.
- Module contact: add address field department, update block global department
- Module upload: fix language upload, save thumb image quality follow, add viewmode, config upload logo position
- Module comment: add note for config admin module
- Fix change suspend admin
- Check rule pass when install
- Update lang
- Add plugin cdn for js, css, image
- Theme default: Fix breadcrumbs
- Theme mobile: Fix user login, user register, breadcrumbs
- Improving system security
- Up to CKEditor 4.5.6
- Update Bootstrap v3.3.6
- Fix some sys function
- Update rule in file constants
- Update statistics
- Add notification for modules: news, comment
- Support full Unicode in MySQL databases
- Remove class LightOpenID, remove PHPoAuthLib

NUKEVIET 4.0.23 (Open beta 9)
- Update module Contact
- Update module Users.
- Change Admin-toolbar
- Update variables for javascript:
     nv_siteroot -> nv_base_siteurl
     nv_sitelang -> nv_lang_data
- Update Language Français, thank Nguyễn Phú Thành.
- Update CKEditor 4.5.3
- Class resquest: Fix block tag
- Update notification
- Class image:  support image bmp
- Module siteinfo: fix check chmod dir
- Seotools: Sorts siteDiagnostic
- Fix error "ASSETS_DIR"
- Fix sample data English
- Add variable $blockID
- Theme mobile: fix comment
- Theme admin: update font size
- Module news: Fix news detail, Fix rpc ping
- Add function nv_redirect_encrypt, nv_redirect_decrypt
- Update config CDN: support js, css, jpg, png, gif
- Remove font Roboto
- Fix and update something...

NUKEVIET 4.0.22 (Open beta 8)
- Restructuring of NukeViet directory
- Add Language Français, thank Nguyễn Phú Thành.
- Add module free_content
- Update theme default, mobile_default
- Change the sample data into the module
- Add a management area for google fonts
- Update SSL setting
- Optimize in-line javascript in tpl
- Optime social sharing
- Move config statistics to module webtools
- Move javascript from module to theme
- Remove code zip file css, javascript.
- config: Recorded of system error
- Install: check collation database
- fix rewrite for XAMPP 5.6.8 (PHP 5.6.8)
- Add QR-code block
- Remove shadowbox library
- Update CKEditor 4.5.2
- Update oAuthLib
- Update FontAwesome 4.4.0

NUKEVIET 4.0.21 (Open beta 7)
- Add data-show for javascript
- Fix module comment
- Update block global.slimmenu for default menu
- Update getbootstrap v3.3.5
- Remove module Download
- fix Redirect link
- theme default: resize the left column
- module users: Rewrite for function changequestion
- Fix and update something...

NUKEVIET 4.0.20 (No release)
- Add class Browser-Detect
- remove function: nv_check_bot, nv_getBrowser, nv_getOs
- Add Autoload Class
- Update PHPMailer 5.2.10
- update class optimezer.class
- Remove do not use file
- Add data-show="after" for <script type="text/javascript"  ...
- Fix and update something...

NUKEVIET 4.0.19 (No release)
- Add class Mobile-Detect
- Add instruction url function
- ckeditor: change plugins googledocs, remove addon magicline
- Fix and update something...

NUKEVIET 4.0.18 (Open beta 6)
CODE: https://github.com/nukeviet/nukeviet/tree/4.0.18 (101 commits: from commit/6372e19 to commit/8c0c5be)
- Add plugin for admin module
- Add no responsive for theme default
- Add tool language interface
- Change database module comment
- Fix change module_name (Add variable $module_upload)
- Fix package extension
- Module users: remove password in mail
- update jQuery 2.1.4
- Fix and update something...

NUKEVIET 4.0.17 (Open beta 5)
CODE: https://github.com/nukeviet/nukeviet/tree/4.0.17 (190 commits: from commit/0e46061 to commit/36e1704)
- Remove theme modern
- Remove theme mobile_nukeviet
- Add theme mobile_default
- add Modals for getbootstrap (replacement for shadowbox)
- Fix and update something...

NUKEVIET 4.0.16 (Open beta 4)
CODE: https://github.com/nukeviet/nukeviet/tree/4.0.16 (27 commits: from commit/477c6e1 to commit/7b30b9c)
- Add feature: Select "news focus" for Category of news module
- Fix and update something...

NUKEVIET 4.0.15 (Open beta 3)
CODE: https://github.com/nukeviet/nukeviet/tree/4.0.15 (37 commits: from commit/fc6ee3f to commit/477c6e1)
- Add function nv_show_name_user
- Module menu: add funtion delete multi menu, add facebook share button
- Fix and update something...

NUKEVIET 4.0.13 (Open beta 1)
CODE: https://github.com/nukeviet/nukeviet/tree/4.0.13 (88 commits: from commit/7143a90 to commit/fc6ee3f)
- CKeditor: add plugin switchbar
- Update Font Awesome 4.3.0, jQuery 2.1.3, PHPMailer 5.2.9
- Fix and update something...

NUKEVIET 4.0.11 (Close beta 11)
CODE: https://github.com/nukeviet/nukeviet/tree/4.0.11 (1850 commits: from commit/f73da99 to commit/7143a90)
- System
    + Use PDO class to replace MySQL class which used in Nukeviet 3 to use many different database. Curently Nukeviet support MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle database
    + Nukeviet 4.0 be optimize to save web server resource and running on web server installed PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5
    + Fixed setup mutillanguage mode. If the website on single language is turn on eliminating language characters in url. Remove module name in the url.
    + Add notification system to admin control panel.
    + Rename modules search =>seek, rss =>feeds

    + Add furture module Comment to manage comment in another module.
    + Change method cache storeage, each module cache will be store in a folder. Cache be store by domain.
    + Support Vietnamese domain name.
    + Hosting CDN for javascript, css
    + Configue Vietnamese Keyboard (If site installed Vietnamese language.
    + Encrypt passwords of FTP account, Account mail SMTP.
    + Many values at file /includes/constants.php will be configue in admin control panel.

    + Add IPV6 library to detected coutry by IPV6.
    + Fix erro when use flash logo.
    + Change the system check for update
    + Fixed rewirte on IIS7 with Unicode Permalinks.
    + Change method management block, use popup to manage block.
    + Add optional feature when website use https protocol
    + Add plugin rewirte_absolute to change links into obsolute links.
    + Add feature warning by javascript when turning pages editing without save unfinished.
    + Additional display warning almost time expried login (automatical timeout).

    + Add configuration check and block computers to if does not agent to don’t have edit code.
    + Remove sitemap ping of Yahoo, Ask
    + Manage files put into database, support search file.

- Module extensions
    + Add module extensions: Manage and install applications from Nukeviet Store.
    + Move method installation themes, modules to manage by module module extensions.

- Module upload
    + Database of module upload is put into site database, support search file.
    + Configue thumbnail for each module, size, and quanlity.
    + The modules use illustration as module News will creat only one thumb image for each image upload to reduce number of files
    + Additional automatical resize image which uploaded to host to the configued size
    + Module uploads allows select and work on mutil file, operation with mouse and shortkey common
    + Fixed upload image from URL if the link contain blank space.
    + Features fill ALT tag for image: After image file uploade completed, the program will ask rename and describe photo to SEO image.

- The editor
    + Use the ckeditor 4.4.7
    + Integrate mathematical formulas
    + The feature show a script code in the post, highlight code.

- Themes
    + Redesign theme of admin control panel base on bootstrap, responsive.
    + Use bootstrap framework html, css. Support customizable theme on many devices.
    + Additional breadcrumbs in admin control panel theme for the necessary features.
    + Add features configue by theme (customizable theme at ACP).
    + Remove module name on breakcrumb
    + Add two fix blocks on screen to advertising on the sides.

- Module News
    + Decentralization management to each topic.
    + Add “New” icon for new articles of the topic.
    + Add features enable to moving articles from a categories to another.

    + Fixed the features of filter by keywords, the keywords in tags instead the keywords from dictionary.
    + Additional colors to the article status in admin control panel. Additional the article status: Draft, Deny, re-published (Re-publish the old articles).
    + Add the features report the status of articles not published and only be viewed by admin outside (To avoid link of those article send by admin are unavailable with others).

    + Add the feature show illustrate image of categorise.
    + Allows linebreak in short introduction
    + Add default configuration show illustrate image in detail page.

    + Additional show tooltip in list articles, blocks.
    + Show numbers article view in admin control panel.

- Integrate the feature ping article.
    + Optimize html tags for SEO.
    + Add feature Tags for the article: Confige site name – keywords - description for each Tag as groups management.
    + Add social network tools: Like facebook, G    + , twitter button, comment of facebook (Block in module comment).

- Replace module about by module page
    + Have illustrate image, note, description (support for SEO).
    + Config show tools of Like facebook, G    + , Twitter
    + Config comment facebook feature in use.
    + Config  Google     +  authentication (Copyright, similar module news)
    + Config each article use a layout, it mean each article has one theme.
    + Add RSS for module page.
    + Configuration alternatives shown the article in the main page.
    + Add list article block.

- Module user
    + Replace OpenID by OAuth 1.x and Oauth 2.0 to login via google, facebook.
    + Add phpCAS library to login SSO via CAS server, and get information via LDAP.
    + Add feature customizable user fields data.
    + Add feature config decentralization use module Users.
    + Add configuration to allows control username character when registering.
    + Add configuration  to allows control passwords complexity.
    + Fixed passwords recovery mechanism
    + Add feature forbiden use simply passwords.
    + Add feature lock account, delete account when delete website admin account.
    + Add feature creat random passwords for admin.
    + Use username or e-mail to log in.
    + Change decentralization of features according to user groups.
    + Add feature allows account under admin in the administrator log in and add configuration of it.
    + Split field full_name to first_name and last_name, configure display names (full name – surename).

- Module download
    +  Fixed the navigation of links
    +  Fixed description when show detail.

- Add module SEO tool.
    + Gather configurations and web SEO tool to this moudle.
    + Add feature remove module name in url when disable mutillanguage mode.
    + Add feature change the path of the module for easy SEO url.
    + Add feature authentication Google +  (copyright).
    + Add feature Ping to search engine.
    + Support Meta OG of facebook. Add new meta ogp, add data for $meta_property array.
    + Support insert Meta GEO via Meta- Tags configuration.

- Module staticts
    + Change the mechanism calculating the number of hits the site. Recount after visitor don’t active in 30 minutes.
    + Only admin can see default configure.

- Module banner
    +  Add feature of display banner: banner flash is replacing by photo on mobile browsers (Because adobe flash don’t run on some browsers).
    + Add feature for ad: when click ad, choose open: In new windows, in current windows…
    + Add global.department.php block (display department contact information).
    + Admin can answer customer more times, the system log all the replies.

- Module menu
    + Change menu management more visually.
    + Split menu types  into block menu distinct.

NUKEVIET 3.4.02 (3.4.02.r1929) Releases Jan 9, 2014
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r1759 to r1929)
- Fix for system core, captcha, function delete theme, install, module news, download, weblinks
- Delete block_blocknews (exit with block_groups) in module news.
- Opmtimize module weblinks, news, voting, users, download
- jQuery v1.8.2, jQuery UI 1.8.24
- Jwplayer 5.10.2295
- CKEditor 3.6.5
- Add Bing site diagnostic, Remove yahoo diagnostic.
- Fix check Google PageRank, Google BackLink and Google Indexed.
- Add new feature for module users (list member)
- Update Shop to Shop Pro and remove module Shop from default NukeViet (To release from NukeViet Store).
- Understanding the Windows 8 ISO, ODP file
- Support IPv6
- Format code for standard and a few small changes...

NUKEVIET 3.4.01 (3.4.01.r1758)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r1723 to r1758)
- Add Alert when the browser disable JavaScript (Features appear in NukeViet3 closebeta).
- Update Ajax search for the article source.
- Fix Optimize CSS and something...

NUKEVIET 3.4 RC1 (3.4.00.r1722)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r1501 to r1722)
- Fix database birthday users.
- Fix Statistics module.
- Module contact: fix send mail with phone. Add features selected by ID
- Module news: add image for topics.
- Add Google Custom Search.
- Upgrade module voting 3.1, add block fixed votes and display home module.
- Fix SEO: Add ALT content for IMG tag, fix breadcrumbs (css class) for google search.
- Active current menu to top of menu.
- Add module name at Admin Control Panel.
- Module download: add global.new_files.php
- Add cool php captcha 0.3.
- Update module menu.
- Add feature switching mobile and desktop interface.
- New mobile interface and full support.
- Module upload: add function automatically insert logo on the picture.
- CKEditor 3.6.3 revision 7365
- jQuery v1.7.1, jQuery UI 1.8.18
- Auto detect FTP remove path.
- Module banner: Add link click for SWF file
- Add Quick access pending work from module siteinfo (admin control panel).
- Security fix.
- Add function Upgrade and Update
- Fix features, Optimize code, update many module and add more features...

NUKEVIET 3.3.06.r1500
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r1476 to r1500)
- Fix Statistics module.
- Require PHP 5.2.
- Fix some features.

NUKEVIET 3.3 Official (3.3.05.r1475)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r1204 to r1475)
Add features:
- Additional functions to find and insert member ID (Admin Control Panel).
- Add cron auto delete cache
- Support OpenID from http://nukeviet.vn
- Support mobile theme & config theme for mobile
- Add management feature tag "TITLE", and more features for SEO
- Module webtools: add manager file robots.txt
- Auto replace iframe youtube (by jwplayer)
- Add Lunar Calendar function.
- Support Detect language by cookie, IP
- Add timezone name to countries.php
- Add option to delete all site logs
- Add option "site timezone by timezone of visitor's country"
- Add option "site timezone by user's PC timezone"
- Add features: insert logo into the image
- Add features: change logo from the admin control panel (config site)
Fix bug:
- Module Shop: RSS link, check unit,  fix exchange money
- Module menu: Fix error can not delete menu, edit menu
- Fix install tool.
- fix clear system
- Fix delete module.
- fix setup layout.
- fix robots.txt multi-domain site
- Module Upload: fix upload file .jpeg
- Optimize and Compress file code NukeViet
- Module News and block of module.
- Optimize PHP Code.
- Optimize site for SEO (site description, site keywords ...)
- Optimize module upload
- Set collation for mysql
- Optimize process of determining the country name
- Optimize theme
Upgrades, updates:
- Language: Việt Nam, English, Français
- CKEditor Build r7328
- function nv_checkmobile
- jQuery v1.7, jQuery UI 1.8.16
- Module Shop V3.0.02
- Fix get Google PageRank, Google BackLink and Google Indexed
Other changes:
- Module News: Sort comment DESC
- Add sitemap xml for module Shop.
- Update admin toolbar
- Change module search
- Change page function
Remove features:
- Remove function update revision
- Remove IP Library

NUKEVIET 3.2 Official (3.2.00.r1203)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r931 to r1203)
    + Fix Duplicate title tags and meta descriptions.
    + Fix update by revision feature
    + Config domain allows use localhost
    + Config method update language pack by revision.
    + Fixed 404 erro when url contain special character.
    + Update editor, fixed quick upload in the editor.
    + Update JW Player 5.5. Add feature select image illustration for plugin JW Player of the editor.
    + Check server status, if CPU use >80 % will report “Server too busy. Please try again later”.
    + Edit to customizable tool bar of admin control panel.
    + Redefine theme is using at time configure.
    + Fix not detected theme when install new module.
    + Fix module rss, and modules relation with module rss.
    + Delete caches of modules when changing configuration block.
    + Fixed erro at file image.class.php.
    + Fixed chmod in used FTP.
    + Fixed install module: Allows modules don’t have outside function.
    + Fixed system for functions outside of module is not obligatory.
    + Fixed block menu when theme by module.
    + Update jQuery and plugins: jQuery v1.5.2, jQuery UI.
    + Use class phpsvnclient: In case commit file use Replace.
    + Upgrade openid.class.php
    + Fixed function check mimetype when upload file.
    + Add feature delete module has not used (Delete files of the modules).
    + Rewrite for servers which are not supported.
    + Fixed XML Sitemap index on hosting which not support full rewrite.
    + Fixed file Sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tools detect easier.
    + Fixed erro misindentified module while enable rewrite feature.
    + Improve to can rewrite single url.
    + Rewrite links while sending mail.
    + Add rewriteBase into file .htaccess
    + Fixed rewrite in case the hosting does not support zlib lead to not loaded css, js.
    + Fixed rewrite on IIS7 to not lose configuration at file web.config. Fixed check rewrite on IIS7.

- Theme
    + Devide language of block to single file.
    + Theme default: fixed erro not rewrite link of statisticts.
    + Fixed erro undisplay content of block html which contain special character.
    + Fixed theme management: Delete block when delete theme.

- Web tools
    + Add feature delete IP logs
    + Add select all works in cleanup system.
    + Config check Nukeviet version feature.
    + Update upgrade function via Revision. Only get the updates in the directory /trunk/nukeviet 3.2
    + Fixed Revision update function in system folder is renamed.
    + Update by Revision. On the hostings need FTP to creat folder and move file.

- System log
    + Record system log in these important events.
    + Add tool filter system log, change type of arrangement system log default.
    + Update module users
    + Allows user register in public group.
    + Add configuration for users retrieve passwords without be ask secret questions.
    + Fixed error not add, edit users when mechanism forum.
    + Fixed error GodAdmin unable to delete admin.
    + Fixed error active user account.
    + Disable autocomplete function at edit user accounts.
    + Fixed error can not change e-mail while loging in.
    + Remove dots befor @ character while check valid of e-mail (uname@gmail.com =u.name@gmail.com)
    + Block login: Fixed path of avata, OpenID image.

- Module News
    + Fixed time post article. Time post article must  after time creat article.
    + Delete cache of module when users delete article.
    + Fixed incorrect image display of the article in block headline.
    + Fixed error show titles of articles that have not posted in sitemap.
    + Fixed page breaking error while config module “By title, the new up”.
    + Fixed rss links of News vitualization module at theme modern.
    + Fixed error can not edit information resource.
    + Fixed delete thumb when delete article.
    + Fixed form comment for theme modern.
    + Fixed show comment, fixed page breaking at comment management.
    + Devide HTML and PHP

- Module menu
    + Add feature management menus.
    + Fixed error functions be shown in menu of module User (customizable via login status).
    + Fixed function name of menus to use many type menu at the same time.
    + Block menu smooth_navigational don’t show sub menu of module weblinks.
    + Module Language
    + Manage block language

- Module FAQ:
    + Fixed module to not obligatory enter question to topic and add presentation.
    + Module download: Fixed path avata of user.

- Module about:
    + Fixed error show inactive article.

- Merge Module Shop project to Nukeviet 3.2
    CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r2)
    + Organize shop presentation by criteria: Product type, product group, new update product…
    + The feature to see and select product: Categorise product type, the same product, sample product, product most viewed..
    + Shop cart: Add  allows order product to shop cart.
    + Pay online by ATM card throught payment system of Nganluong.vn
    + Send order: Member website submit order.
    + Deal history: Show deal historys of members.
    + The system administrator functions include:
    + Currency management: Allows add, edit, delete currency.
    + Manage payment gateways mecharnismed: Config payment gateways  if use 1 or more onlien payment gateways.
    + Configuration: Set parameters for the sales system.
    + Management product units: Add, edit, delete product unit.
    + Manage product categorise: Add, edit, delete
    + Managet product group (by criteria): add, edit, delete.
    + Manage blocks (product group).
    + Manage list of manufacturers.
    + Manage list products: add, edit, delete, search..
    + Manage of orders and print invoices.
    + Fixed Module shop error
    + Fixed error paging
    + Auto cut introduction shorter when it shown.
    + Trim introduction shorter if too length be allows to avoid undefined error.
    + Fixed comment product error.

NUKEVIET 3.1 Official version (3.1.03.r930)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r784 to r930)
- Fix features.
- jQuery v1.4.4
- And more...

NUKEVIET 3.1.0 (beta)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r469 to r783)

- Fixed bugs and optimize old features
- Module News:
    + Allows display illustration outside of the site.
    + Add feature post/edit/delete article for members.
    + Additional configure represented as a grid, by list article.
    + Increase system cache, compress CSS, JavaScript.. to speed up loading page.
    + Add feature “Delete all temp file” for God Admin.
    + Add Google Analytics tracking code at http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/detail?r=556

- Add feature for SEO
    + Add feature meta-tags management.
    + Auto creat sitemap file for search engine.
    + Add sitemap Ping Services (Send sitemap files to search engine by PING).
    + Rating according to the index site.
    + Check SEO by keywords.

- The feature of upgrade, check version.
    + Add  upgrade information from Nukeviet project.
    + Auto report new version in Admin control panel.
    + Add feature check module version
    + Add feature system upgrade by upgrade package.
    + Add feature upgrade via revision.
    + Increase ability auto install for block, module even when be overwriting or non-standard.
- Restructuring block, allows global block located block of module, allows add more parameters for the block.
- Add Admin full theme and use this theme for admin control panel.
- Fixed upload feature, add  the feature allows each admin upload to each folder of module news.
- Manage admin login rights.
- Add  more log system, full record administrative operator.
- And many other small change….

NUKEVIET 3.0.12 (Official version - online publishing)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r362 to r468)
- Change logo.
- Add module log.
- Add modern theme.
- Fix features.
- Security fix.
- And more features ...

NUKEVIET 3.0.11 (RC3)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r303 to r361)
- Enable/disable RSS modules
- Update lang, CKEditor 3.4.1
- Fix module RSS, Download, Banner...
- Fix many functions.
- Fix and edit cache system.
- Security fix.
- And more features ...

NUKEVIET 3.0.10 (RC2)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r211 to r303)
- Fix module rss
- Fix module banner
- Fix config smtp
- fix module search
- Update lang cz,fr
- Add cache system
- Add module faq
- And more features ...

NUKEVIET 3.0.09 (RC1)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r140 to r211)
- Update module search
- fix module users
- Update function support UTF-8
- Add firewall for admin
- Add block ip for admin
- Add banip for site
- And more features ...

NUKEVIET 3.0.08 (Openbeta 3 - 21/08/2010)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r74 to r140)
- Fix bug NukeViet 3.0.07
- Replace Module: Download
- Upgrade Editor: CKeditor 3.4
- Replace CKfinder by Upload module.
- Module Download
- Add features Config: IP, upload...
- Add features copy block forom theme A to theme B
- Add features Check the directory chmod
- Add block module.block_tophits.php for modules News
- And more features ...

NUKEVIET 3.0.05 (Openbeta 1) TO NUKEVIET 3.0.07 (Openbeta 2 - 14/08/2010)
CODE: http://code.google.com/p/nuke-viet/source/list (r02 to r73)
What's New NukeViet 3.0.06:
- Fix bug NukeViet 3.0.05
- Add language: Czech
- Allows members to use the username with special characters.
- Fix bug NukeViet 3.0.06


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